Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of YogaBeginning life in the 2nd century BC, yoga has a rich and vibrant history, and it’s no wonder that it’s now one of the most commonly practised forms of exercise. While yoga as we know it today is somewhat different from its first incarnations, the emphasis on relaxation, meditation and wellbeing has remained a core component of the practice.

With its specific forms of exercise positions, yoga is instantly recognisable and practised across the world. There are several forms of the discipline, ranging from Hatha (which I teach), to Ashtanga and even ‘hot’ yoga. While yoga has its roots in Buddhism, it’s a form of exercise that’s open to everyone and its benefits can be felt by all. It’s important to recognise that the exercises and breathing methods taught during yoga are of huge benefit to everyday life, whether you’re looking to relax after a long day of work, or gain calmness and serenity during a stressful day.

When practised correctly, yoga has a variety of health benefits. Whether your goals are to simply relax and learn to focus or get fit, yoga can help improve not only your body, but your wellbeing and mind, too. Perfect as an accompaniment to cardio and weights exercises, as well as a challenging (but enjoyable) discipline in its own right, yoga offers a relaxed and friendly way to get fit.