Frequently Asked Questions

Want to start yoga but have a few questions? No problem! We have you covered with our frequently asked questions below. If there’s something that’s not on the list you’d like to ask, be sure to get in touch.

Do I have to bring my own yoga mat to my first class?

If you do have a yoga mat, then you are of course more than welcome to bring one. However, if you’re trying yoga for the first time, then rest assured I do have spare yoga mats you are welcome to use.

How long are the classes?

The classes are 60 minutes in length, including a cool-down at the end to help aid relaxation.

I’m not very flexible; should I work on flexibility before attending?

There’s no need to wait to try yoga! I cater all my classes for specific needs, so if there’s a move you can’t do currently, I can help you with an alternative. Rest assured, that yoga helps build flexibility and we often work up to certain moves over a structured period of time.

I’ve never done yoga before; can I attend this class?

Absolutely. My yoga classes are for all ages and abilities, so if you’re completely new to yoga, you are more than welcome to join. As the classes are specifically structured, we will often work up to moves and positions, to ensure you see week by week improvements in flexibility.